TAAS 夏令營宗旨

At TAAS, this year’s summer school will be filled with many new experiences. One of the main focuses of our camp experience will be taking part in the Adventurer Series curriculum. This curriculum is similar to the Boy Scouts of America but also adapted for G1 to G6 students. The goal of the Adventurer series is to encourage the physical, mental, and spiritual development of each child. Students will be working on many fun and educational projects specifically designed to build on each other. As they complete the project categories students will be awarded patches that they can collect. There are hundreds of patches available to be completed over many years of potential fun. This year is sure to be the best summer camp yet!


TAAS 學校使命

The mission of TAAS is to help students know God, develop their minds, strengthen their bodies and create healthy relationships with others.


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