2019 Summer school open for registration

2019 TAAS Summer School is now open for registration!

​2019 臺北復臨美國學校夏令營開放報名囉!TAAS校園座落於陽明山半山腰上,讓孩子於大自然的環境中快樂學習吧!夏令營課程活動將以英文教學,所有夏令營班導師皆為TAAS現任導師,每班級皆有一名助理教師。今年夏令營的日期為7/1-7/26,6至12歲學生(2019/08為小一至小六學生)無論有無外籍護照,皆可報名參加,讓我們快樂的度過歡樂的四周夏令營吧!請點選其它頁面閱讀2019夏令營相關課程資訊。名額有限,額滿為止!

2019 Taipei Adventist American School Summer School is now open for registration! TAAS campus is located at YangMing Shan. Students will be learning and having fun in a natural and quiet environment. The summer school courses are instructed in English. All the summer school homeroom teachers are the current teachers of TAAS. There is an assistant teacher in each level. 2019 Summer school dates are from July 1 through 26 (4 weeks). Students of ages 6-12 with/without a foreign passport are more than welcome to join our summer school! Please check on other sections of the summer school website for more details. Spaces are limited!


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