Photo/Videotape Agreement

I agree to the condition of TAAS Summer School Photo/Videotape as stated.

Throughout this Summer School at TAAS, there may be time when Taipei Adventist American School (TAAS) staff with the approval of this school principal, may take photographs of students and/or videotape students. Those photographs and/or videotaped images may appear on the school website or in the school's social media.
I hereby grant unto TAAS the right to use my child’s photograph and/or videotaped image for the purpose mentioned above. I understand and agree that TAAS may use these photos and/or videotaped images in subsequent school years unless I revoke this authorization by notifying the school principal in writing.
在TAAS整個今年暑期學校期間,台北复臨美國學校 (TAAS) 的學校職員會在該校長的批准下為學生拍照和/或錄製。 這些照片和/或錄像圖像可能會出現在學校網站或學校的社群媒體上。
我特此授予 TAAS 為上述目的使用我孩子的照片和/或錄像帶圖像的權利。 我理解並同意 TAAS 可以在下一學年使用這些照片和/或錄像圖像,除非我以書面形式通知校長撤銷此授權。